Move-out Checklist


To vacate please follow the following procedures:

We do not perform a final walk through inspection until you have vacated. The walk-through inspection will be judged against the move-in condition checklist that was completed upon move in, and any additions reported to us within 7 days of moving into the home.

Please be prepared to supply your new address & telephone numbers by remitting to our office in order to return your security deposit efficiently. We will remit a security deposit transmittal as quickly as possible, and in accordance with your Rental Agreement.

You are to have all personal possessions removed from the property, the property completely vacant, clean, by 11:59pm on the move out date.

Please inform us of any maintenance that might need attention to prevent any charges. Please be sure to stop your auto payment, if applicable. This is not something Steady Property Management has access to.

Please be sure to call all Utility companies to remove your name when applicable and do NOT have any of the utilities turned off, or a reactivation fee will result and be back billed to you.

To prepare the property for your walk-through, and avoid further charges against your deposit, please do the following:


Have the property clean throughout the interior and the exterior. This also includes, but is not limited to, vinyl or tile floors, windows insides & out, window sills & door casings, mini-blinds, wiping out drawers & shelves appliances, sinks, toilets, bathtubs, showers, vanities, light fixtures, fireplaces, removal of cobwebs inside & out, etc. A dirty property is not normal wear and tear. You may be required to have the property professionally clean, please refer to your lease agreement.

Carpet Cleaning

( Please refer to your lease for specifics )
Do not rent machines from a store, use home cleaning machines, or employ chemical cleaning. Only professional steam cleaning is accepted. If you wish, please call Steady Property Management for an accepted carpet cleaner, who charges reasonable rates. If you hire another carpet cleaner, you must ensure the carpet cleaner will guarantee their work to the satisfaction of Steady Property Management. You also must produce a receipt to leave with your keys. If you do not have the carpets cleaned, or leave a receipt, Steady Property Management will do this and it will be deducted from security deposit.


Do not wash draperies. Please wipe blinds down to make sure they are free of dust and dirt. You are not expected to dry clean draperies unless:


Any needed light bulbs, furnace filters, water/refrigerator filters, smoke/co detector batteries, doorstops.
If the above items are missing or not working, there is a charge.
Replace missing items and be sure to leave the property with a clean-air filter prior to vacating the property.


(This applies unless landscape was included in your rent)
Any outside areas are to be neatly mowed, trimmed, pruned, fertilized, & watered. All flowerbeds to be weeded. Remove all trash, debris, & grease. Pick up and remove any animal droppings whether you have an animal or not.


If you have trash that exceeds the normal pickup, you are to arrange and pay for hauling. Place all other trash in the proper trash receptacles and arrange for curb pickup on the correct trash day.
Remove/clean all oil stains, Clean driveway, remove any oil stains with appropriate cleaner.


We request that you do not putty, spackle, or touch up paint unless you can guarantee the paint will match. If you paint and it does not match, any necessary painting paint charge will be your responsibility. Painting charges depend on the length of time in the property, and if required painting exceeds normal wear and tear.

** This list is for reference only and is not intended to be all inclusive. The unit you reside in may have other requirements **